2024 Anniversary Pairing Notes

13th Anniversary Celebration
February 20, 2024

Incoming President: Ed Lavin
Incoming Vice-President: Deborah Flores
Outgoing President: Mike Cordova

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Welcoming Bubbles

Vino Frizzante, Veneto, Italy
Partnering with Italian winegrowers, this blend showcases exotic fruits, bright acidity, and delightful bubbles. This lively and delicious semi-sparkling dry wine pairs well as an aperitif and with light dishes.
Available at Trader Joes


Surprise Bonus Pairing

Caviar amd Vodka


Pairing #1

Golden Gate
Marin French Cheese Co., Petaluma, CA, Cow
This washed rind, triple crème cheese is semi-soft and fudgy in texture and is earthy with vegetal aromas and a rich and savory flavor.
World Cheese Award Winner!

Borrasca Cava, Brut
Borrasca, Galicia, Spain
A bright, light bodied sparkling white wine from Spain. The dry refreshing character with notes of pome fruits and citrus make it a perfect partner for paring with rich creamy cheeses.


Pairing #2

1000-Day Gouda
Landana Cheese, Holland, Cow
This 1,000-day aged Landana Gouda, sold by Murray’s, is a full flavor mature cheese. This hard long-aged cheese is a beautiful warm color with “cheese diamonds” that surprise your mouth. Its consistency is solid, and crumbles slightly when sliced.
Available at Murray’s Cheese in Ralph’s Grocery Stores

Propaganda Wine Co., Vista, CA
This Blanc de Noir sparkling wine is light and joyful, with hints of strawberry goodness. Semi-dry with a slight creaminess and citrus.


Pairing #3

Beecher’s Flagship 4 Year Old Cheddar
Beecher‘s Handmade Cheese, Seattle, WA, Cow
Beecher’s Flagship 4 Year Old Cheddar bursts with flavor. This long aging results in an extra sharp but creamy cheese with an intriguing crystalline crunch. Despite its age it retains a malty sweetness with hints of citrus and fresh cut grass.

2021 Darkstar
Sparkling (Pet-Nat) Red Wine
Charlie and Echo, San Diego, CA
A dry, sparkling red wine, made using only wild yeasts, unfiltered, and with minimal intervention. Flavors of black cherry, blackberry, tart plum, and red apple skin.


Pairing #4

Rogue Creamery Smokey Blue Cheese
Rogue Creamery, Central Point, OR, Cow
This was the first smoked blue cheese to be created and is cold smoked for 16 hours with hazelnut shells. A unique, complex sweet flavor with hints of honey, apple and nectarine.

Bücha Bartlett Pear Hard Kombucha
Bücha Hard Kombucha, San Diego, CA
This hard kombucha is crisp, light, balanced and is a perfect pairing with the full flavor of the Smokey Blue. Made by a local San Diego brewery using only whole fruit.


Pairing #5

Ginger Mango Stilton
Somerdale, Central England, Cow
A blended cheese which incorporates mango and crystalized ginger to impart a sweet, savory intense flavor to a light, fresh, slightly acidic white Stilton cheese.
Available at Venissimo

Peaches and Cream
Barrel and Stave, Vista, CA
This Berliner Weisse-style sour builds upon a complex, moderately sour base with floral white peach and Madagascar vanilla beans.
Big floral and sweet white peach aroma paired perfectly with creamy vanilla beans. Beautiful floral white peach flavor and Madagascar vanilla beans build upon the complex and moderately tart sour base. 5.7% ABV.


Dessert Pairing

Chocolate Truffle and Gjetost
Trader Joe’s
Gjetost cheese, pronounced “YAY-toast” by Americans or “yed-OOST” by Scandinavians, is also known as Brunost because of its brown color. This Norwegian goat or goat/cow cheese is made by slowly heating a vat of whey, cream and milk, caramelizing the milk sugars. The result is a smooth fudge-like cheese that pairs blissfully with the dense chocolate of a truffle.

2023 Vintage Spiced Ale
Trader Joe’s
Brewed by Unibroue, Quebec, Canada on behalf of Trader Joe’s
This Belgian Style Spiced Ale, crafted once a year, is a rich, dark and full-bodied ale with a fine and generous coffee-colored beige foam. Smooth with a complex finish, with a flavor profile including cocoa, citrus, ginger and other baking spices.