Guests are always welcome to attend meetings, and we encourage regular attendees to become members by paying dues.  Queso Diego dues are $20 per year for individuals or $30 per household.  These dues help us pay for meeting supplies and commercial examples, as well as supplies for pairings and other club expenses.  In addition to the benefits at meetings, we have negotiated discounts for members at local businesses. We also have some special members-only events each year that you don’t want to miss.

The following discounts are currently available to paid members with a valid membership card:

The officers are always working to secure additional member discounts.  If you have suggestions for businesses to contact or represent a business that would like to offer a discount, please contact the officers.

Dues can be paid by cash or check at meetings, by mail, or through PayPal.  Instructions for these payment methods are below.

Paying in Person:

You may bring payment in cash or check to any Queso Diego meeting or event.  Please see our membership chair, Olaf Walter, to make payment and get your membership card.  Checks may be made out to Chuck West.

Paying by Mail:

Checks may be made out to Chuck West and mailed to our treasurer, Check West.  Please contact for the mailing address.

Paying with Paypal:

You can now pay your Queso Diego dues by PayPal to  If you choose to pay online, please include an extra $1 to cover the paypal transaction fee we are charged.  See the instructions and screenshots below.

  • Log in to your paypal account at   If you don’t have an account, you will need to create one.
  • Click Send Money
  • In the To: field, enter (Note: images below show outdated address)
  • Amount: $21 for personal membership $31 for household.
  • For payment type, select the Personal tab, and then the Payment Owed option
  • Click Continue
  • Select your payment method (paypal balance, bank account, credit card).
  • Click on Send Money to complete the transaction.

Note: the images below do not yet reflect the current PayPal address, please use as described above.


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