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Queso Diego May Meeting Announcement

Join us at our May Meeting on Tuesday, May 21 at 6:30pm at AleSmith (9990 AleSmith Ct, San Diego, Ca 92126)!  We will be meeting in the BARREL ROOM (please bring a lawn chair).

At this meeting, we have several features:

  • EPIC Cheese Competition!  (We will have an Epic Cheese Competition as part of our September Meeting.  Peter Zien and a panel will be judging, and the cheese deemed Best of Show will have the opportunity to make their cheese professionally with Peter at CheeseSmith!  We will cover details of this competition and answer questions you may have)
  • The History of Cheese (This main presentation by Marci will cover the evolution of cheese from its origins, which evolved more out of necessity, to modern-day cheeses we enjoy today, as more of a luxury.  Along the way, we will also do some taste testing ranging from fresh cheese to dessert cheese)
  • Cypress Grove Cheese Ambassador (Hear from Club Member Lisa, who is a Cypress Grove Cheese Ambassador!  And we will have a 3 pound Humboldt Fog cheese wheel to sample!  And there may be swag given out…)


  • We’re meeting in the BARREL ROOM (walk in the main entrance, past the main bar and gift shop, which leads to the Barrel Room
  • Upon arrival, please check-in at the check-in table
  • Please set up your potluck item (and we have labels and label stands, grab a sharpie and label what you bought
  • BRING A LAWN CHAIR (anytime we meet in the Barrel Room, don’t forget your lawn chair).  Optionally bring a jacket
  • Members are encouraged to bring homemade cheese or potluck item or beverage.  If alcohol, only homemade alcohol is allowed (NO COMMERICAL ALCOHOL).  Better yet, enjoy some of the tasty AleSmith beverages!
  • Potluck/socializing beginning at 6:30pm, and the meeting at 7:00pm
  • Finally, Members, if you need anything from the Library of Cheesemaking, please email your request by May 17, for delivery at the meeting on March 21.  Be sure to check the list of offerings and send an email to QD-Library-Request@googlegroups.com.

Queso Diego May Meeting Announcement

Cave à Roquefort

Our May Queso Diego Meeting is already here!

Tuesday, May 15th at 6:30 PM at:

AleSmith Brewing Company
9990 Alesmith Court
San Diego, CA 92126.

Please RSVP for the meeting here:

The meeting starts at 6:30 PM with sharing of cheese (homemade or otherwise) and cheese-friendly foods, homemade alcoholic beverages, and any other food or non-alcoholic beverage you would like to share. AleSmith beer is available for purchase (no other commercial alcoholic beverages can be served at the brewery).

At 7:00 PM we start the formal meeting with a summary of past and upcoming club events and meeting plans and we always provide a chance to talk about your homemade cheeses and to discuss cheesemaking and answer cheese-related questions.

This month’s will feature multiple mini-presentations.

First, Marci Richards and Jenny Eastwood will provide important information about competing in the SD Fair Cheesemaking Competition and discuss the process of cheese judging.

Next, Chris Banker will present on cheese caves and how to make your own.

Following Chris’ presentation there will be time for members to discuss their favorite cheesemaking gadgets (please keep presentations to a couple of minutes and one powerpoint slide, if you need it). Please make sure to tell us if you are bringing a gadget to share on the RSVP form.

Please remember to bring a chair and wear something warm as we meet in the brewery, which can be chilly in the winter.

If you haven’t paid your 2018 dues, please be prepared to pay $20 for individuals or $30 for a family to our new Membership Officer, Olaf Walter.

Queso Diego Cheesemaker’s Rodeo Winners

Congratulations to Queso Diegan’s who took home many awards from the Cheesemaker’s Rodeo at the San Diego County Fair. Club members took home 20 ribbons and our own Jessica Voytek took home the Best of Show for a beautiful blue cheese. Thanks to Earl Itrich for all his efforts organizing the event and to Jenny Eastwood for recruiting qualified judges and providing training to those without professional experience. Photo credits to Larry Stein.

July 1 – Queso Diego’s Cheesemakers Rodeo Contest

First – Patricia Zervic, San Diego
Second – Christian Banker, Oceanside
Third – Curt Wittenberg, Encinitas

First – Larry Stein, San Diego
Second – Shane Webber, San Diego
Third – Christian Banker, Oceanside

Bloomy Cow Brie, Camembert, Triple Crème
First – Curt Wittenberg, Encinitas
Second – Jessica Voytek, San Diego

Bloomy Goat
First – Sabine Friedrich-Walter, Escondido
Second – Clifford Slatton, Los Angeles
Third – Jessica Voytek, San Diego

Blue Mold
First – Jessica Voytek, San Diego
Second – Curt Wittenberg, Encinitas

First – Larry Stein, San Diego
Cheddar and American Style
First – Marci Richards, San Diego
Second – Clifford Slatton, Los Angeles

Hard (aged)
First – Curt Wittenberg, Encinitas
Second – Clifford Slatton, Los Angeles

Flavored Cheeses, Butter & Cultured Dairy Products
First – Sabine Friedrich-Walter, Escondido
Second – Christian Banker, Oceanside
Third – Jessica Voytek, San Diego

First – Jessica Voytek, San Diego
Second – Curt Wittenberg, Encinitas
Third – Christian Banker, Oceanside

SD Fair Contest 2017

Queso Diego May Meeting Announcement

The May Queso Diego Meeting will focus on Entering Cheese into the SD Fair. We will discuss the competition, judging, categories, entry requirements, and provide some tips for maximizing your chances of taking home some ribbons and prizes. Feel free to bring cheeses to be evaluated by some of our experienced club members.

Queso Diego May Meeting
Tuesday, May 17 @ 6:30PM
AleSmith Brewery
9990 AleSmith Court
San Diego, CA 92126

We will be in a room off to the side of the Tasting Room – you can enter through an exterior door on the left of the main entrance. Meetings are free, but we highly recommend bringing something tasty to share and joining as a member for $20/year. Please bring a chair to sit on. Outside alcohol is not permitted.

Please RSVP as soon as possible so we can get an accurate headcount! RSVP here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1BVhzoEvhwIm0KDATBdgKq3nR-rqcN1kwLoSfHp8iBVY/viewform

Queso Diego May Meeting Announcement

For the May meeting of Queso Diego we will be focusing on cheesemaking gadgets and equipment. Chris will lead a discussion and show-and-tell session about cheesemaking gadgets and equipment. Larry will also be giving a presentation about what he learned during his trip to Cheese School at Cal Poly SLO. We are still open to having more people show or present about gadgets and equipment, so please let us know by email or in the RSVP form if you have anything to show.

The meeting will be held at 6:30pm on Tues, May 15 at City Farmers Nursery (http://www.cityfarmersnursery.com).  We will not have a food truck this time, so please plan accordingly and eat before the meeting.

Please RSVP using the link below so we can get an accurate head count:


  • Sharing of cheeses
  • Club business – treasurer updates, future meetings, etc.
  • Updates on SD Fair Competition – Chris
  • Cal Poly Cheese School Recap – Larry Stein
  • Gadgets and Equipment – Chris Banker and others

What to bring:

  • Cheese to share, if you can. Snacks and beverages are also welcome.
  • Cash for food from food truck, if desired
  • 2012 Dues ($20), if not yet paid.  It will also be possible to pay online through PayPal