Cheese of the Month

This program is being developed to provide an aid and a guide for new cheesemakers to get started and current cheesemakers to expand their skills and cheese variety. Queso Diego is a great club with many cheese enthusiasts and makers. Sometimes making cheese can seem a bit intimidating. This schedule is designed to help you ease into the making process with some simple yet flexible cheeses, and then work into some more difficult or adventurous cheeses as we progress through the year.

Members are encouraged to prepare a cheese as often as you’re comfortable with and bring a sample to the meeting. This is not a contest. No winners, no losers. Just an opportunity to share your experience and cheese with fellow makers and to get some feedback and provide support to others.

You can visit this page to download a sample recipe. Don’t feel obligated to use it though. Some of the fun of making cheese is to research different recipes and approaches and see what fits best with what you want to do.

We only ask that you give it a try and share your recipe and results with others.

August: Fresh Cheeses – Chevre, Queso Blanco
Chevre Recipe
Alternate recipes:
Queso Fresco Recipe

September: Fresh Cheeses – Paneer, Panela
Recipes Coming Soon

October: Brined – Feta, Halloumi
Recipes Coming Soon

November: Holiday Cheese – Anything flavored
Presentation Notes on Flavored Cheeses

December: None (Holiday Party) – Anything welcome

January: None (Anniversary Party) – Anything welcome

February: Bloomy Rind – Brie, Camembert
Recipes Coming Soon

March: Washed Rind – Munster
Recipes Coming Soon

April: Blue Cheeses
Recipes Coming Soon

May: Aged – Gouda, Cheddar
Recipes Coming Soon

June: Aged Pressed – Parmesan, Romano
Recipes Coming Soon

July: Bring your favorite