Queso Diego April Meeting Announcement

For the April meeting of Queso Diego we will be celebrating National Grilled Cheese Month with our much anticipated grilled cheese meeting.  After a short discussion on grilled cheese, we will commence with making grilled cheeses with a variety of ingredients.  Please bring cheeses and unique ingredients to make grilled cheese with and share.  The club will provide a small selection of basic breads, please bring cheeses, breads, and other items to make interesting sandwiches.

The meeting will be held at 6:30pm on Tues, April 16 at City Farmers Nursery (http://www.cityfarmersnursery.com).  Map of parking and the meeting location: http://bit.ly/RtI8rX

Nate’s Garden Grill on the grounds of City Farmers Nursery is now open, so consider stopping by to grab a beer before or after the meeting.  They have a great menu of fresh, local food and an extensive draft beer list.  We will have them send out an updated draft list prior to the meeting.

Please RSVP using the link below so we can get an accurate head count:


  • Club announcements
  • Make and share grilled cheeses

What to bring:

  • Cheeses, breads, butter, and various other grilled cheese ingredients.
  • 2012/2013 Dues ($20), if not yet paid.  It is also be possible to pay online through PayPal.