Queso Diego June Meeting Announcement

The June meeting of Queso Diego will focus on cheesemaking gadgets. Horace Bixby will be leading the discussion and showing off some gadgets he uses. We encourage any members who have cool gadgets for cheesemaking to show them off and talk about them. In addition, we will be doing an introduction to fondue in preparation for July’s meeting. We will discuss fondue basics and ideas for supplies to bring for the July meeting.

The meeting will be held at 6:30pm on Tues, June 18 at City Farmers Nursery (http://www.cityfarmersnursery.com). Map of parking and the meeting location: http://bit.ly/RtI8rX.

Nate’s Garden Grill is now open, so consider stopping by to grab a bite to eat or a beer before or after the meeting. They have a great menu of fresh, local food and an extensive draft beer list.

Please fill out this form to RSVP for the June Queso Diego Meeting: