2023 Anniversary Pairing Notes

12th Anniversary Celebration
February 21, 2023

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Incoming President: Mike Cordova
Incoming Vice-President: Ed Lavin
Outgoing President: Randy Barnes


Welcoming Bubbles
Whoa Jake!
Charlie & Echo, San Diego
A Blanc de Noirs sparkling white, made with wild yeasts, no filtering and minimal intervention. Blanc de Noirs translates to “white of blacks,” and refers to this sparkling white made from red grapes (Sangiovese and Grenache). With tastes of candied orange peel, ripe pear, yellow apple, and hints of sweetness reminiscent of a Hawaiian sweet roll.


Pairing #1
Jasper Hill Farms, VT, Cow
Soft-ripened cheese with a rustic, bloomy rind. Young cheeses are wrapped in strips of spruce cambium, the tree’s inner bark layer, harvested from the woodlands of Jasper Hill. Woodsy and sweet, balanced with lemon, mustard, and vegetal flavors.

La Vielle Ferme Sparkling Blanc
A brilliant, beaming lemon-yellow core with green-gold hints and fine exquisite bubbles. Floral nose leads to a delightful gentle palate of white stone fruit (peach) and a touch of brioche.


Pairing #2
English Cheddar with Caramelized Onions
Trader Joe’s, England, Cow
The blending artists mix caramelized onion marmalade into the Cheddar, giving it a balanced sweet-savory bite and pleasing onion aroma. It’s firm, creamy, and adorned throughout with bits of onion.

California Crushin’, Kolsch
Barrel and Stave Brewing Co., Vista, CA
Crisp, clean, and crushable with a slight bitterness to dry out the finish. Subtle apple and pear esters provide enjoyable supporting flavors, and light floral, earthy hop character adds to the complexity. 4.4% ABV


Pairing #3
TomaRashi Toma with Togarashi Spice and Nori
Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Co, CA, Cow
The key to the flavor is Shichimi Togarashi, a Japanese spice blend containing nori, toasted sesame, poppy and hemp seeds, chili flakes, and ginger.

Junmai Ginjo Sake, petillant carbonation
Light and comfortably dry premium still Sake with the aroma of fresh cantaloupe and banana followed by medium body with refreshing Mandarin orange like overtones. Carbonated by Curt.


Pairing #4
Le Gruyère, 8mo and 12mo
Emmi and Kaltbach creameries, Switzerland, Cow
Alpine style cheese and is sweet but slightly salty, with a flavor that varies widely with age. It is often described as creamy and nutty when young, becoming more assertive, earthy, and complex as it matures. This is an opportunity to try a young and old cheese side by side. Note the differences. Which pairs better with the ESB?

Notorious P.U.B., ESB
Barrel and Stave Brewing Co., Vista CA
Toasty and nutty malt flavors with hints of caramel. A dry, slightly bitter finish clears the palate, begging for another sip. Full of flavor, yet something that can be enjoyed by the pint. 5.2% ABV


Pairing #5
Wensleydale with Gin and Rhubarb
Wensleydale Creamery, Yorkshire, England
Creamy, crumbly Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese, carefully combined with stem ginger, sweet rhubarb, and Masons Yorkshire Gin

Queso Diego Cocktail
Lakeside, CA
A custom crafted, refreshing combination of Gin, Crème de Cassis, and sparkling water. Ratio 1:1:3


Dessert Board
Société Roquefort
Caves Baragnaudes, France
Soft, creamy, slightly salty, with an aftertaste that leaves the palate craving for more.

Crème de Cassis
Any liquor store near you.
Sweet, dark red liqueur made from blackcurrants.