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Queso Diego September Meeting Announcement

The September meeting of Queso Diego will be a Homemade Cheese Show and Tell event. We strongly encourage attendees to bring homemade cheeses to share, whether quick and simple or complex cheeses aged for a long time. This is your chance to showcase what you have learned at recent meetings or to get feedback on your cheeses. (If your cheese fails or you run out of time, consider bringing a Summer Cheese dish – just don’t come empty handed!)

Queso Diego September Meeting
Tuesday, September 20 @ 6:30PM
AleSmith Brewery
9990 AleSmith Court
San Diego, CA 92126

As always, club meetings are free, but we highly encourage you to join as a member for only $20/year. Please bring something tasty to share (no outside alcohol permitted) and bring a chair to sit on!

Please RSVP here:

Here’s some quick and easy homemade cheese recipes:
How to Make Queso Fresco, the World’s Easiest Cheese
Fresh Mozzarella From Scratch Recipe
Simple Fresh Goat Cheese
More cheese recipes here

Queso Diego May Meeting Announcement

Hello Queso Diegans,

May’s meeting topic will be Homemade Show & Tell of your cheeses and dairy fermentations. Bring any homemade cheeses and dairy fermentations to share and talk about at this meeting.

On the heels of our sucessful Grilled Cheese April meeting, this will be a similar relaxed group sharing style activity. It is a good idea to bring a little label with your name and what you have created. You might even write recipes on there.

Homemade sharing will enter you into a raffle with some great prizes for your efforts.

Some easy cheese recipes can be found on Queso Diego’s site here:

This meeting will also afford us all the opportunity to ask questions on making cheeses at home. In a new, “Curders Corner”.

Sharing is Caring.
As always, bringing delicious beverages is always promoted. Maybe even try a pairing with your cheese?

It is also recommended to bring your tasting glasses to cut down on those pesky plastic cups (and help eliminate waste).

The meeting will be held at 6:30pm on Tues, May 19th at City Farmers Nursery (http://www.cityfarmersnursery.com).
Map of parking and the meeting location: https://quesodiego.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/City-Farmers-Map.jpg

Nate’s Garden Grill on the grounds of City Farmers Nursery is now open, so consider stopping by to grab a beer before or after the meeting. They have a great menu of fresh, local food and an extensive draft beer list.

Please RSVP using the link below as soon as possible so that we can get an accurate head count: