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Queso Diego September Meeting Announcement

The presentation at our next meeting on the 19th will be a double feature extravaganza:
First, “Do Blue Bugs Make Blue Cheese? – Selecting Microbes for your Cheeese” by Curt Wittenburg. It will be an informative exposé into bugs of color—or maybe just the colorful result of invisible bugs and oxygen on cheese. Or perhaps colorless bugs and colorless results (Albino Blue?); you be the judge. It should be quite helpful as we all expand our cheese making knowledge, and expand our experimentation into really delicious styles. Don’t miss this talk from one of our cheese gurus.

And second, as the yummy anticipation builds for next month’s meeting, Lisa Chamberlain will be giving hints and tips on sharing delicacies at the annual Queso Diego Mac ‘N Cheese meeting October 17th. It’s gooey, it’s gastronomy, and it’s great!

The meeting will be held at 6:30pm on Tuesday September 19 at AleSmith Brewery.

If you haven’t done so yet, be sure to RSVP on the link below and put it on your calendar:

SOMETHING NEW: We’re adding a couple questions to the bottom of the RSVP form. Your feedback and thoughts will be appreciated. Please be sure to respond by RSVPing (is that a real word?) and letting us know what you think. Thanks.

See you Tuesday the 19th!

BTW: Don’t forget to make your acidified cheese to share with everyone at the meeting.

Queso Diego July Meeting Announcement

The July meeting of Queso Diego will be held on Tuesday, July 15. To start off the new membership year, we will have a presentation by Larry Stein on Cheesemaking Basics. Larry will cover a range of information from the basics of cheesemaking through more advanced topics.

This will be a presentation about cheese in general and how we turn milk into tasty goodness. We will go over some of the science behind the curds and review the various processes used in cheese making. The goal is to help you understand why you do certain things (washing curds, heating, cutting, etc.) so you can better understand what you’re doing and more easily follow the technical topics presented at meetings. We expect to provide a wealth of information for new cheesemakers, as well as some tips and technical details for more experienced cheesemakers.

Attendees are encouraged to bring any cheeses or beverages to share, and especially homemade cheeses.

In addition to the main topic, we will be presenting an intro to Mac ‘n Cheese in preparation for our August meeting.

July marks the beginning of the new membership year and we encourage everyone to renew their memberships in a timely manner. Dues will remain the same great value as previous years at $20 per person or $30 per household.

The meeting will be held at 6:30pm on Tues, July 15th at City Farmers Nursery (http://www.cityfarmersnursery.com). Map of parking and the meeting location: https://quesodiego.org/?attachment_id=453

Nate’s Garden Grill on the grounds of City Farmers Nursery is now open, so consider stopping by to grab a beer before or after the meeting. They have a great menu of fresh, local food and an extensive draft beer list.

Please RSVP so we have an accurate head count: